Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beautiful Day to be Skunked

Tiverton; Farms and Ocean Remind me of Prince Edward Island

It was a beautiful day to be outside, no matter where or what. Fogland was skunky but it didn't depress me as much as usual. I soaked up some rays, hung out with Igor, and tried my 15M closed cell foil kite. I've been a little afraid to try this kite because it's supposed to be pretty powerful and it just looks too big. Not today. The only problem I had with it was keeping it in the sky. It felt great in that one big gust to 12 MPH.

Fogland/Cove Side, Kitesurfed, WSW 2-12, 15m Flysurfer Speed2/152 Ply Board, Temp 48 F, with Igor.


Don said...

Shoulda been there today (Monday), N@20-40, not too cold either!