Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England brings pastel painted leaves, halloween pumpkins, apple pie, and nor'easters. These are all beautiful things.

Everyone was getting closed out at Naragansett

Naragansett Notes- NNE was only slightly side off at the S end of the beach but it was enough to keep the wind very light in the waves. The swell was about shoulder high but apparently the previous day's surf had washed out the sand bars making for closeout waves (this happens a lot here, so they say). Poor wind quality, poor wave quality, not what we had hoped for. It was still fun to sail with Gerry and Jeff and to try something new... After we packed up, it was too windy to go straight home. I made a detour to P Bay.
Naragansett Beach, Windsurfed, NNE, 10-25, 5.7/Carve123, Jeff B, Gerry S.

Pleasure Bay/ Boston Harbor- The wind wasn't big enough to have fun in the bay so I did a few runs then carried my rig across the causeway, near the pavillion and tidal outlet, and gave the harbor a try. I felt some satisfaction that I negotiated the rocky climb on the causeway without slipping and cracking my skull or board. The wind was a little better in the harbor but still not enough to plane consistantly. I was getting out close to Thompson Island, a little upwind of it. The towering cargo ships and cruise ships were going in and out, blocking my wind. Very rude! I scampered back across the causeway and made the last few runs in P Bay as the sun was setting.
Pleasure Bay & Boston Harbor, Windsurfed, NNE, 10-25, 5.7/Carve123, Dave, Martin.


Juan Piantino said...

Hey Steve! How are things in New England? Here we had some great days in October, too bad I was in Argentina, hahaha
Let me ask you something about the picture of the surfer: I noticed that the water looks pretty bright, and there is a lot of detail even though it was a cloudy day. Did you increase the contrast only in the water area? Anyway, the pic looks awesome!!!


scooper said...

Hi Juan,

Great to hear from you! Argentina sounds a lot warmer than Chicago, nice. Swing by Cape Cod for some drysuit sailing on your next trip.

No, I didn't do anything special with that shot. I always check levels and move black and white points to increase contrast if needed, (I shoot in raw so there is no loss of data when making adjustments), sometimes I tweak the saturation too. Thanks for the complement on the pic.