Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Encounter

First Encounter Beach- They say that this beach was named for the pilgrim's first encounter with kiteboarders. That's what they say! There were plenty of kites here today but not enough to feel crowded.

Good Company- It was great to kite with Des and Luke. Thanks Des for showing me the spot and rescuing my board, twice!

Lucky timing- I switched to windsurfing just before the wind cranked up. There was a wind jump from 20 to 35 in a couple of minutes. I'm glad that I wasn't out kiting with 12 meters then. High tide, strong wind, windsurfer = nice floaty jumps.

Beach notes- Mid tide; the launch is flat water, kiting over sandbars, very user friendly. Low tide; the same but can have a 1 mile walk to water. High tide; (2 hours before and after), beach gets small, water gets choppy and deeper, if the wind is really strong it gets very jumpable chop, fun for windsurfing.

First Encounter, Kitesurfed, 10-20, NW, Mid Tide, 12M Kite, 152 & 132 Ply Boards, Des, Luke, Lisa, Dave, others.

First Encounter, Windsurfed, 20-35, NW, high Tide, 4.2/RW85, Solo.


PeconicPuffin said...

Sounds like a fine day. I must learn to emulate say in 100 words what it takes me 30 pages to get out!

scooper said...

PPuffin- But your 30 pages are so entertaining! I think you and Peter Bogucki could write 30 pages on fin screws and it would hold my attention. Thanks for the comment though...

Ironic. The "First Encounter" post was twice as long when I first hit the publish button. I reread it later in the day and cut out all the cute fluff that I thought was funny when I first wrote it.

PeconicPuffin said...

I love fin screws! I once walked into the Avon Sail Shop in Hatteras and asked Margaret if they had any of a certain size. She began with "well let's walk over to the Screw Gratification Center..."

It was practically like ordering at Starbucks.

Ya gotta love fin screws.

Snowy Guy said...

Scooper, you do a good job of bloging. Puffin should take an English Composition course. He uses the first person too much for starters.