Sunday, September 28, 2008

WEST DENNIS WEEKEND, windsurfed, 10-25, SE, 6.2/Carve 123

Lighthouse Inn- We've had terrible luck with weather for our weekend trips to the Lighthouse Inn with the AMC windsurfing club but this is the first time that we've been kicked out of the West Dennis parking lot!

Saturday, Hurricane Evacuation- I was almost done rigging when the environmental police drove up to say they were locking the gates at 4:30. It was 4:20. "Why are you closing the beach?" I said. "Because the police chief said to," was the reply. "what about everyone out on the water?" "We'll get the police down here with bullhorns if we need to."

On the lam- The official drove off to harass others. So I finished rigging and went out, walking against the traffic of kiters and windsurfers coming in. Elaine, from our AMC group, said I had better hurry before the officer on the beach noticed me. I felt like I was a fugitive from the law making an escape but I launched without incident. I sailed out and gave the bad news to a few of our group who were on the outside. Then I pinched upwind, heading for the Lighthouse Inn, about 1/2 mile away. Barbara drove our truck back.

After 2 runs I was about halfway there, on the inside run, when I saw an official truck with flashing lights driving quickly down the beach towards me. I turned and headed back out. I could hear the truck's horn blasting as I was sailing out.

Freedom- One very long run out, 1 run back, and I was upwind of the Inn. No officers. No problem. Betsy, from our group was sailing in front of the Inn, so I had company for a while. Before long the rain started and the wind really picked up. At the peak it was pretty intense, driving rain, chop breaking in front of the inn but I couldn't really see it, a little overpowered with my big gear. Then the rain stopped, wind died, and it was time to get ready for dinner. It was a crazy session but I always love adventure. That's what windsurfing is all about for me.

Sunday, glassy water- On Sunday, Hurricane Kyle was a non event, except that the parking lot was still closed. That meant that we couldn't sail in the pond with the NE winds but it didn't matter. The 27-31 mph that IWindsurf forecast for the area never happened anyway. It wasn't the best West Dennis trip ever, but those of us that attended in spite of the weathers attempt to scare us off, will probably agree that it was memorable in it's own way.

The last time I was kicked out of West Dennis the conditions seemed to justify it.

Picture- Ben practises hand stands against the baby lighthouse (outdoor shower) at the inn.


Jean said...

It infuriates me when the police take unwarranted action like that. I say we start a revolution.

Did you ever watch my Hatteras video?

scooper said...

Hey, great video! I love the voice-overs with the music going. It looks like your son is getting good on the windsurfer.

Jean said...

Yes, Jamie is planing as long as he is on the very forgiving conditions of the Sound at Hatteras. He needs to suffer through learning to waterstart in deep water conditions to really take advantage of the wind conditions in these parts.