Saturday, October 4, 2008

HARDINGS, Windsurfed, WSW, 18-25, 12-20, Acid94/5.7, mostly solo.

Harding's Beach

Fact Checking the Wind Forecasts-

Windguru- said top speed of 10 or 11 for West Dennis today. This was a highly inaccurate statement, little bearing on reality.

NWS Coastal Forecast for outer Cape Cod- hedged their bets with 10-20. Very diplomatic. They were right for part of the day.

IWindsurf/ Matt Corey- said WSW winds will reach the low 20's during the afternoon from Kalmus to Chatham, with the possibility of some stronger gusts. Very accurate. Fact checker finds this statement to be the most indicative of the actual conditions at the beach. Thanks Matt! You have my vote for president.


Jean said...

Ahh, wish I could heave been there! I did score an insane kiting sesh at Horseneck on Friday. It was VERY windy, and the waves were ginormous!

Robert Bruce said...

Friday was gusty where I was. Some young kiters clued me in on a new weather website, It is identical to I-windsurf without the charges.

scooper said...

Horseneck sounds like it was wild! I've never been there when it's really windy and big, but I can imagine it.

Yeah, I've been hearing about Sailflow. I guess should put it on my list to try for awhile. Thanks for the tip.

Jean said...

Sailflow is the same company as ikitesurf and iwindsurf, just different packaging. They'll give you the wind data free of charge for a trial period, then you gotta pay...