Sunday, September 14, 2008

THE CUT, Windsurfed, Skunky winds, SSW, 6.2/Acid 94, with Jeff S

Jeff waiting for power

This was my first skunk since getting back from PEI. I'm back in the real world. Apparently it was blowing 15-25 at West Dennis and Kalmus. The wind machinery for Chatham wasn't working.


Jean said...

Yeah, it's tough when the iWindsurf meter is down, too! Can you sneak out to Horseneck today?

Jean said...

Actually, it's prolly more of a Wingaersheek day

Scott said...

Sunday at Kalmus was pretty mixed. It was good early, from 12:30 to 2:30; I was on a 5.3 from 1:30 to 2:30. But then it fell off, so I used a 5.9, but even that wasn't enough. That is, you didn't actually get skunked much more at Hardings than a lot of us at Kalmus.

Now Monday morning, different story. It was blowing solid 4.7 from 6:45am to 10:00, but the water conditions were just plain crazy. Chris and I sailed over to Lewis Bay, but had to schlog back at 10:15. I won't begrudge the schlogging, because the rest of the time was awesome.

scooper said...

Jean, I had to work today. I hope you got out!

Scott, There were 2 guys at the cut from about 12:30 to 2:30 who said it was good but then it dropped off when I got there at 3:00. So that's not too far off from your wind. Gerry was at West Dennis and said that it was good the whole afternoon. Who knows?

Sounds like you had a great morning today. What was crazy about the water conditions? Lewis Bay (Egg Island?)must have been super flat.

Scott said...

The "crazy water conditions" were due to the fairly constant 30-40 knot wind from very early in the morning until about 8:30. Even though it was low tide, the chop was nearly waist high. And near the jetty by the ferry channel, there were these "refraction" waves that made the water look like a checker board.
There was one set of waves coming from the south crossing another set coming from south east; that was challenging, to say the least.

Egg Island was completely flat, as always, and a total blast in the high winds. Going straight downwind by the ferry channel in that chop was pretty wild, too.

Heh, my legs are still tired from absorbing all the chop!

Snowy Guy said...

This is a little late, but the conditions at Falmouth seemed to be similar to what was described here, Sunday and Monday. Putting up your sail size used without any other information regarding your size, ability, etc. and thinking that describes the wind strength remains delusionary IMHO. Sunday I tried an 8.0 before 3 at WB and did a lot of slogging. Once the wind died, it didn't matter what size I had. Monday morning there was quite a bit of white water at WB when I arrived at the launch around 8. I sailed a 6.9 for 3 hours, slogging quite a bit in the long lulls. Am I telling you anything about the windspeeds?

scooper said...

Snowy Guy- The meter was down at Chatham on Sunday so I don't know the exact wind strength, probably 5-15 with a few very brief periods of 10-20. I always record the sail and board that I use for my own reference. I mostly just write down what I want to remember about each session.