Saturday, June 23, 2007

Boston Harbor- Hough's Point, Windsurfed, NW, 10-25, 6.2/Carve123

Looking west, mid-tide, when I launched.
Looking west, high tide, when I got back.

Easy to launch, hard to get back; This was my first time launching at Hough's Point. I thought it might be good for NW winds. I followed IWindsurf's directions to the seawall, "course sand to gravel beach in residential area". I had to scramble to get the equipment down the cement and rock seawall but gravity helped. There was another sailor out by Nut Island, the furthest point of land in the right photo. I sailed out to him and there was a nice cove with some chop hopping so I didn't come back until the end of the session. When I got back the tide was high and the beach was gone. I couldn't figure out how I was going to get up the seawall. After awhile I decided to try carrying the rig up some stairs that were partially underwater but not too far from the truck. I thought I might get knocked around by the chop, but the water depth at the bottom of the stairs was waist to shoulder deep, and the chop wasn't that big, so it wasn't a problem. The wind was O.K. for NW. I planed about 75% of the time.

East, mid-tide

East at high tide. The stairs for getting up the seawall didn't look very appealing from the water but it was fine.

The view towards downtown, looking north.