Sunday, June 17, 2007

West Dennis/ Kalmus, Landboarded, SW, 3-10 MPH, 5.2/landboard

Freestyle Frenzy; light winds, non-planing conditions. There were some very good freestylers there. It's too bad that they were limited by such light winds. The second picture shows some of the action in heat 1.

Beach Trainer; Nakita had his trainer out for
everyone to try. Fantastic!

Mitch gave me some tuning tips on the Real Hot sails; he gets his info straight from the source- Jeff Henderson and Rob Wymore. Tips- downhaul at least until the batten above the boom clears the mast before the boom is attached. After outhauling, the section of leech above the boom should be straight, can be loose though. Don't worry if the Sail looks pretty flat. My sail definately looked better after the tune up!

Landboarding at Kalmus;
The report went around that the wind was up at Kalmus and was heading towards West Dennis, except it never got there. Mitch and I eventually drove to Kalmus. No luck. Gerry was there. He had been planing for about an hour or 2 just before we arrived. After sail tuning, I landboarded until about 9:15 in the parking lot. There was just enough room in the far end of the lot to get some duck jibes. I tried tacking but I couldn't quite get it to come through the wind far enough. The board really picked up speed in those 10 MPH gusts!


PeconicPuffin said...

Nikita's simulator looks amazing. Do you have other photos of it?

Glad to see you're rocking the nonplaning freestyle!

scooper said...

There's a good thread on the IWindsurf forum with some pics and a description of how he made it.
If the link doesn't work do a search for simulator.