Sunday, April 14, 2013

Promise Not to Tell?

Plum Island/ Newburyport Harbor- I find a hidden slick. Nice surprise. I can kite an arms length away from the marsh bank. Who knew this was here? Must be a secret. Don't tell anyone. Beautiful setting sun session on my 10M kite.

Slick works in- WNW wind, mid tide, Might work on other tides, not sure.

Any hazards? You bet. Lots of em. And the water is murky on the outgoing tide so you can't see squat. 1 mile distance from launch to slick.

Speaking of outgoing tide- Don't let yourself get in a position where you could be sucked out of the harbor in the event of a broken line. Not a beginner friendly spot.

Remember- This is a secret spot. So don't kite here. And if you do, don't mess with the dock pilings. They were here first. They'll eat you and your board in a heartbeat.

Plum Island, Kitesurfed, WNW, 15-25, 10M Rally/ Flx 138, Solo.


Dunoyer said...

Cool! I kited that slick last Fall, shhhhhhh!