Sunday, April 15, 2012

Loving the Wildlife

Momomoy Island- Kiting out on the flats, sun shining off my eyeballs, I see three logs washed up into the shallows at the edge of a channel. "Oh cool", I think, "I'll see if I can jump em". As I approach they dive into the water. They're not logs stupid, they're seals, acting like logs. Oops sorry to scare you guys off of your lounge chairs.

As I close in on some sandbars, the seagulls screech and give me dirty looks as they ascend. I'm probably pissing off lots of fish too. Any sharks out here want to complain?

I guess I get what I deserve. After 2 great sessions plying the shallows and chasing wildlife, I return to my truck to see that a bomb has been detonated on my windshield. White chalky yuch is splattered like milk paint across the glass. I don't wash it off though. If it makes a few seagulls feel superior by having the last laugh, I'll oblige. I'm the adult here. Driving home squinting through seagull poop is the least I can do after scaring the wildlife all day. Like those seals sunning themselves. I still wish I could have jumped em.

Kitesurfed, Hardings, 12-25, 12M Varial & 14M Rally/Flx 136, with Frank, Sam, Gregor.