Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kiting with Poop Discs

There was a good crew of kiters on the water when I went into the marsh to kite in the slicks. When I came out there was no one left. Kites, boards, everyone, was gone. I thought that my lack of shower and shave in the AM might have scared everyone off, or that there had been a nuclear disaster nearby, or an earthquake and tsunami. Igor came down to land my kite. Thanks Igor! He told me that everyone had left for stronger wind on the south side of the Cape. I should have known. It's all about the wind.
What a day-
I was on the water for 5 to 6 hours- in the ocean, in the tidal pond, in the back marsh, on the surfboard getting some jibes, getting improved jumps on the Underground Flex. It was way too much fun!

Chapin Beach, kitesurfed, W, WSW, SW, 15-28, 10-18, 15-28, 13M Octane/Flex 136 & 6' surfboard & Surf 148, with Igor, Patrick, Greg, Colleen, Kevin, Matt, Others.

Picture- I saw this poop disc/mini frisbee washed up on Chapin Beach from a sewage plant leak in N.H. I thought these evil discs had scared everyone away.