Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kite Zombie

I'm a kite zombie. I started kiting around 8:00 AM. I was kiting hard, working on all the stuff I'm working on, pushing myself. After a couple of hours my legs started to cramp up and my arms felt spongy. I thought maybe I should stop.

The wind kept picking up. The waves were getting fun. Some kiters came and went. I thought O.K. now it's time to stop.

The wind built to 30 MPH. I was still on my 13M kite. A new crew of afternoon kiters came out. I decided to stop.

Brad and I kited to the end of the beach, hunting for the best waves. The wind started to drop off. I had to work the kite to stay upwind.

Finaly the wind died. Good thing. It would have been stupid to keep kiting.

Now I'm a zombie. I'm really, really relaxed and I don't walk like normal. I float. That's how I know I'm a zombie. Zombies float. For now being a zombie is fun but I hope to return to normal by next weekend. So I can do it again.

Revere, Kitesurfed, 10-30, SE, ESE, 13M Octane/ 6' Surfboard & Flx 136, with Igor, Brad, Flo, Peter, Paul, Dave, Scott, others. 5 hour session.

Picture- I was surprised that the beloved Revere bathrooms were closed on such a nice day.