Thursday, August 26, 2010

Windy Boston

This makes 5 days in a row of windsurfing and or kiting! Who would have thought that Boston in the Summer could be a destination vacation hot spot for wind-water sports? All it takes is a lot of luck. And today there wasn't even any torrential rain.

I located and brought back a lost board that was floating around for a fellow kitehead. I got the idea that I could do this from an article in International Kitesurf Magazine ( about how to carry a board while kiting. It made me feel good, like maybe I'm not a rank beginner anymore. Maybe I'm a seasoned beginner.

Dog Beach, Kitesurfed, WSW 16-25, 12 M kite/ 132 Ply Board, then 13-20, 15M Flysufer Kite/152 Ply Board, with Andre, Colleen, Paul, Tom, Others.