Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Swiss Cheese Wind

Nothing Stops Crazy Paul

I was launching my kite at Revere this morning when the wind switched from NNE (straight sideshore) to N to NNW (side offshore). The hi-rises turned it into swiss cheese. I drove down to the other end of the beach, where it was still sideshore (barely), and launched again but couldn't keep the kite in the air with those big cheesy holes. So I windsurfed.

When I was leaving Paul was launching and also struggling with the scrappy wind. I don't know if he ever made it out but channel 7 news was waiting to film it. The camera man said this kite thingy sport was pretty unique and they'd run any footage during the afternoon news.

Revere- At high tide the sandbar waves mostly disappear and the inside waves turn into soupy shorebreak full of dense seaweed. The shorebreak could be timed and avoided but the waves here are best on low to mid tide.

Rain- An inch an hour. I couldn't see much thru my glasses but it was O.K.

Revere Beach, Windsurfed, N 0-14, NNW 1-26, 5.7/ RW85, Solo.