Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Return of the Cow

Crankin' Frank

I got a chance to ride the Mad Cow with the new straps and fins today. It works! It definitely extended my lower range by a few MPH and got me planing on my 12M kite when I normaly would have been taking a nap on the beach.

Revere- was gusty when the wind shifted to E and picked up. It was a really good session though. Low tide made it very forgiving and gave me the confidence to use the surfboard for awhile. I got some toeside rides but it was tiring so I switched over to the Surf 148 at the end.

Revere Beach, Kitesurfed, ESE 10-14, ENE 10-16, E 12-24, 12 M kite with Mad Cow/ Caution Surfboard/ Slingshot Surf 148, Frank, Skipper, Paul, Peter, Flysurfer Fred, others.