Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sit Down Paddle to Paradise.

Got skunked, didn't have much time, so I went for a sit down paddle from Plymouth Beach to the mouth of Plymouth harbor. I'd heard that there was a windsurfing/kiting Shangri-La out there somewhere with miles of secluded sand bars, waves and channels waiting to be explored.

As I approach the mouth of the Bay I can see a long stretch of beautiful white sand in the distance. I can't tell if it's the fabled sand bars in the middle of the opening or a beach on the far shore of Duxbury Point. There are no people in sight anywhere, just a few boats way off in the distance.

It's the sand bars! I pull up on one that is barely out of the water, small waves breaking on the outside of it, glassy currents swirling on the inside. In the distance, I can see the long white sandbar that had been visible from far away. It is protruding much further above the water. What a fantastic playground for sailing/kiting in any E wind, with low tide! Wavesailing on the edge of the bars or gliding thru the slicks on the inside, take your pick.

During the paddle back I keep thinking about how much fun it would be to get out here in the right conditions. But how? Windsurf or kite a couple of miles to get here? Take my little boat? Hitch a ride with a Plymouth resident on the 4x4 road? Also, Is anyone crazy enough to join me for a surfari out here? These are the hard questions in life.

Note- I see from the Plymouth rules for Long Beach that kiting is prohibited on the end of the beach from April 1 to Sept 15 in honor of Piping Plovers.

Picture- my old windsurfing board is a little tippy- stand up paddle in flat water, sit down paddle in the ocean.