Friday, July 16, 2010

Demolition Derby at Pleasure Bay

I've been a little scared to kite at Pleasure Bay because it's supposed to be experts only. I'm no expert. I can't even body drag back to my board effectively. If I lose it, I usually really lose it. And I know how ridiculously gusty this place can be from windsurfing here.

So I took my time pumping up, considered bailing out and rigging a windsurfer instead. In the time it took to set up, I saw 2 separate line crossing episodes, with the ensuing yard sales and swimming after gear. This place is crazy!

While pumping I noticed that the wind was completely blocked by the wall. It felt like there was no air movement, glassy water and all. I had to launch the kite a little hot to get it up into some wind. The minute the kite was up it was really solid, very strange feeling. For about 1 hour the wind was super steady! I couldn't believe it.

I didn't try any jumps or tricks for the pony show. There was some great action happening from everyone else. I was just happy to successfuly weave thru the crowd, about 10-15 kiters on the water in very limited space, and not cross anyone's lines or drop my board or kite.

Then a thunder boomer moved in and shut us down. Not bad for an after work session and my first time kiting in the high speed P Bay traffic jams.

P Bay, Kitesurfed, SSW, 12-24, 12M kite/ 132 Ply board, with Sammy, Greg, Johnny, Skipper, Amine, others.