Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mad Cow Disease

Big Beefy Board

Alright, I finaly tried my Mad Cow. I made this massive board, (180x60), months ago as a half joke, half experiment, didn't bother putting straps or fins on it. It's pretty hard to water start like this. I got 1 run on it and decided it was crazy. I guess I'll have to put straps on, maybe fins too.

Fun Session! The gustiness of Waq Bay didn't bother me that much today. It felt just strong enough to keep me going on my 152 board. I even got some jumps and very short toeside runs during the gusts.

Waq Bay, Kitsurfed, 10-22, SW, 12 M kite/152 Ply Board, with Frank, Rich, Alex, Amine, Others.