Friday, May 21, 2010

Hatteras- Day 5- Sum Up

Friday- A bunch of us rented SUP boards for 2 hours and messed around soundside. Then Frank and I had a great surfing session at the houses right up until the sun set. The waves were the best yet and the setting sun was making them sparkle and glow!

Totals- 1 great day of kiting soundside, 1 brief oceanside session on windsurfer with others on kites, lots of small-wave surf sessions, 1 SUP session soundside, great group dinners/hanging out/hot tub times.

Thanks to Frank for organizing it all and making it happen!

Sum up or Shut Up- It was great to share my passion for sports with other crazy obsessed people like myself, but I did miss Barbara and the boys. We only had 1 windy day ouf of 5, bad luck.

Hatt/PEI- How does Hatt compare to PEI? Hatt has better launches- no mussel farming bouys soundside, better waves for surfing oceanside. PEI is 3 times more scenic and has more to do and explore for the down times. PEI also has had much more wind when we've been there but that's just the roll of the dice. PEI is still my favorite vacation spot of all time, sorry OBX.

Picture- It takes 6 to sink a SUP board. We're still paddling but we aren't going anywhere.

Soundside, SUP, with Frank, Jamie, Sandie, Colleen, Andre, Eric, Bruno, Peter.
Avon Beach, Surfed, Acid 94, with Frank.