Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hatteras Day 4

OBX surfer at the Hatteras lighthouse

I felt a little out of sync today. I was missing Barbara and the boys. How do single people keep from feeling lonely?

The wind picked up too briefly to catch. I was first at the Frisco turnout but there was just enough wind for 14-17 Meter kites so I waited for it to pick up. It didn't. The crew showed up after a few hours and the wind just kept getting lighter. They wanted to wait to see if the wind would come back. I couldn't think of any new details of kiting or windsurfing to talk about so I eventually took off for a lighthouse surfing session and a unicycle ride to the soundside.

Hatteras Lighthouse, Surfed, Acid94- front straps and mast base removed.