Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hatteras Day 2

This- is what I came for! It was 10-20+ for most of the day. I got up at 6:30, was on the water before breakfast, off the water at 7:00 PM., in the hot tub around 8:00, dinner was at 9:00. Nice day!

Downwinder to Nowhere 2- I thought that I was a good enough beginning kiter to go along on a downwinder from the Avon houses to Salvo first thing in the morning. I didn't look at the wave size because my eyes were still asleep. I was relieved to get out thru head high waves, but left my board behind on my first turn. Matt rescued my board. Jamie had a similar fate so the downwinder crew was reduced to just Matt. I tried to pick him up in my truck, four wheeling down the Avon ramps onto the beach, but was always behind him. Eventually I lost him in the rain and fog. No worries, he just hitch-hiked back. He had a smile across his whole head after carving miles of waves in a perfect side shore wind!

Chimi House- We all ended up at this flat, shallow soundside spot for the rest of the day. I took turns providing newbie support and kiting. We were almost the only ones at this remote spot (you gotta walk in). When I walked back to my truck for my lunch, I could hear Frank yelling, "yeah baby!", all the way back at the truck. That seemed to be how we all felt.

Chimi House, Kitesurfed, S,SW,W,NW, 10-20+, 12M/6' surfboard, ply 132, with Frank, Jamie, Sammi, Matt, Sandie, Peter, Wo-Jo, Dan, Bruno, Amine, Nakita, Eric, Wo-Jo.


Jean said...

Don't know how you did it. The wind graphs look terrible.

scooper said...

Yeah, we're all pissed. What wind dance did you use?