Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sparkling Winter Day

Nothing makes this messed up world seem beautiful again like a warm, windy, sunny day in the middle of Winter. How warm was it? High of 52 F! Igor sailed yesterday because he thought it was going to be unbearably hot today. Igor is from Siberia. For me it was just right. Not too hot. Not too cold. It was so nice to wear 2mm gloves again, and to have a few extra seconds after peeling off my drysuit before I had to jump in the truck or risk becoming a frozen windsurfer popsicle.

2 sessions. I didn't let any of this day go to waste. A front went through, late morning, and killed the wind for awhile, then it came back from a different direction.

Early morning session- Deep Hole, Windsurfed, WSW, 17-22, 6.2/ Acid 94 & Carve 123, Solo.

Afternoon Session- Camp Cronin, Windsurfed, WNW, 18-38, 4.2/ Acid 94 & RealWind 85, with Dan & King.

Picture- King at Camp Cronin


George Markopoulos said...

nice, warm winter sessions are the best.

I like the new header too.

Snowy Guy said...

Good for you and Igor, Scooper!!! We haven't had any wind to brag about here in Florida.

scooper said...

Bummer, I thought that this was the windy season in Florida. I imagine that Hurricane season can also bring some wind down there, if you don't get blown away.