Saturday, February 14, 2009

Corporate Meeting

I packed my lunch, laid out my clothes, and went to bed early. I had an important meeting in the morning. I wanted to get a good night sleep so I would be at my best.

The topic of the meeting? Windsurfing. It took place on the water, Corporation Beach. I think it was very productive.

There was a nice group of guys attending. We had 5 on the water at one time. That's considered a massive crowd for Mid February sailing/kiting around here.

Jerry gets the award for the move of the day. How can you possibly sail on the leeside of the sail on an 85 liter board, in waves, (alright tiny waves)? I saw him happily motoring upwind, back to the launch that way. Someone should tell him that it's impossible and that he should stop doing it!

Note- Chapin meter read W but the wind seemed more WNW at Corporation.

Picture- Igor, the Corporate man.

Corporation Beach, Windsurfed, WNW 15-27, 5.7 & 6.2/ Acid 94, Air Temp upper 30's, With Igor, Juan, Jerry, Barry on kite.


George Markopoulos said...

thats a pretty slice of coastline there

scooper said...

Yeah, Corporation is a pretty spot. I love the curve of the waves as they wrap around.

Fishil said...

I came across your site while looking for spare parts for a Norblan speed sailor. I just bought a vacation house in Eastham and am looking forward to sailing at the cape this spring, summer and fall. I am also hoping to do some beach cruising on my old Norblan, but the tires are shot. Do you know where to get replacement parts? I couldn't find much on the web, atleast that wasn't in French. Thanks

scooper said...

We could have a Norblan convention.

I've worried about those tires and wheels on my old Norblan too. I don't have any leads on getting replacements. I know a good tire shop and I thought that, if I had too, I would take a wheel in and see if they could put a new tire on, or even find a replacment wheel. Let me know if you find a source. Maybe a go kart wheel.

I hope you have a great time with your new beach house!

Nate Merrill said...

Hey, I finally edited that video from last fall from that Sunday with all the people out in RI

choose the watch in HD option in the bottom right and feel free to add the link or the movie to the blog, you are in there at the end trying to get out and riding a massive wave, the filmer looked at bit cold and shaky by that point, but check it out.