Sunday, February 1, 2009

De-ice Before Take Off

Juan, jibing on a smooth spot at Corporation Beach

The temp was a little borderline for me today, it never got above freezing, but I'm a sucker for wind and waves and that's what we got at Corporation.

I was plenty warm, except for: the occasional numb hand that I had to shake down, some wind chill on my face, my right big toe was cold for about 10 minutes, no problem.

Near the end of the day my boom was getting a little slippery from freezing and I noticed some ice spray forming on my rig. I guess that explains why my sail felt heavy when waterstarting.

The wind quality wasn't the best but it was a beautiful sunny day, great to share it with Igor and Juan.

Just as I was getting into my truck to leave, 2 elderly ladies, who had been watching me derig, came over to say that they loved watching me sail and that all the kids that are sitting inside watching T.V. should get off they're couches and come out and watch. That made my day! I had expected to hear the usual refrain: "you are sick and should be locked up so you can't influence others". Ya never know.

where's my de-icing agent?

Windsurfed, Corporation Beach, WNW, W, NW, 10-29, 5.7/Acid94 & RW 85, with Igor, Juan, I used Josh's Drysuit(new, no leaks), 5mm gloves, Air Temp 27-31 F.


Snowy Guy said...

Scooper, I have been showing your blog to my 80 year old mother who has been rather impressed. However, she still prefers it here in Florida. I know that anyone who misses the spelling of couch doesn't know much about using them!!!!

scooper said...

I'd prefer Florida too, if I had the choice! Florida just makes sense.

Thanks for picking up my couch error. I don't know much about using couches or spell check.

Snowy Guy said...

There's more wind down in the Key's, but I haven't seen much here. You definitely see more on Cape Cod. However, it's been a lot of fun when I do sail here in Florida. I've been using a full wetsuit, the O'neil Psycho II my last two sessions without a hood and it's been comfortable. Yesterday, the sun shone brightly. My hands were a little cold the last session with my thin gloves, but it didn't really make me want to go to mitts.