Sunday, January 4, 2009

FIRST BEACH of the New Year

First Beach, Small Waves, Big Gusts

The temp was only supposed to be in the 30's so the plan was to take it easy, meet Chris at Ninigret pond, sail in flat, shallow water. It didn't occur to this knucklehead that Ninigret might be too iced in to sail.

Ninigret Ice

We ended up at First Beach, Newport for some offshore-wind wave riding. So much for taking it easy. I was encouraged when I saw 2 swimmers there with just bathing suits. How cold could it be?

The wind was very up and down, gusty and shifty but it was fun playing in the waves. They were only in the 1 to 3 foot range, ankle biters mostly. Considering the cold temps I was happy just to be sailing. Sailing in waves made it even better. Click on pics to see large.

Better than sitting by a fire at home

Offshore Wave Riding at Deep Hole/ Horseneck/ First Beach in NW, WNW- This is just my impression from 1 time sailing at each site in NW to WNW (more times at Deep Hole). Deep hole- When the wind goes NW it gets very light in the waves, not worth the effort. First Beach- it's pretty offshore in NW but there's no wind line, it's sailable. Horseneck Public- Cleaner and more filled in than First Beach, sideshore in WNW, side off in NW.

Chris in Silhoutte

Windsurfed, First Beach- Newport, NW, WNW, 10-34, 5.2/ Acid94, air temp upper 30's, with Chris.


Jeff, aka Peconic Jeff said...

Small waves and big gusts can be soooo much fun, esp. when the water is flat and clean between the waves. Looks like a great day!