Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fog Sailing

I took a look at The Cut- dense fog, no waves, light WSW wind that was almost straight offshore at the launch.

So I went to Kalmus- dense fog, no waves (of course), light SSW wind that was almost straight onshore. The wind did pick up for awhile but it was very gusty and shifty. And it was foggy.

It was eerie being out there and hearing the deep rumble of the ferry's motors as they went by, sometimes hearing their horns close by, but not being able to see them, or anything. Occasionaly another windsurfer or a kiter would appear out of the fog then fade into the mist like a ghost.

KALMUS, Windsurfed, 14-37 SSW, 5.2/Acid94, with Jerry, Jeff S, Barry, Scott, Cliff, Tucker, Ron, Bruce, Olivier.

Picture- Seaweed Hands and Fog