Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anything to beat The Skunks

I went to West Dennis. I got skunked, hung out with Igor, landboarded, splashed around on my 94 liter wave board with a kayak paddle, went home. You can't argue with mother nature.

I discovered that there is no possible way to stand up paddle a 94 liter wave board, even in shallow glassy water. And I'm not proud that I thought of trying it. I could kinda sit, kinda kneel, knees out to the side and paddle for an hour or so to say I got some exercise. I know this isn't how the pros do it.

Landboarded, sit down paddled, West Dennis, with Igor, air temp upper 30's.


Scott said...

LOL, Steve, I have two words for you:
- ski
- ing

It was great last weekend.

scooper said...

I know, we got at least 1 foot of snow at my house in Newton. The skiing must have been excellent!