Sunday, December 21, 2008

SHOVELED & SAILED, Scatteree Landing, ESE 35plus, 3.5/RW85, air temp low 40's, with Igor

Shoveled & Sailed- That pretty much describes my weekend. Barbara and I shoveled 1 foot of snow on Saturday. I left the house on Sunday morning in another snow storm, drove south to Chatham where it was 10 to 15 degrees warmer, sailed overpowered on my smallest gear, then drove home to shovel for an hour to get my truck back in the driveway. Crazy weather, it snowed the whole day in Boston, rained the whole day in Chatham.

No Cut- Igor and I were going to sail at The Cut, but Barry pulled up and told us that we were crazy to go out there with the outgoing tide, gale wind, rain, low visibility, cold. That was all we needed to make the safer decision to go in the harbor. I'm glad we did. It was challanging enough in the harbor without having to worry about breaking something and getting sucked out into the rollers outside of The Cut and beyond. The meter was down but the wind was averaging mid 40's in Wellfleet.

Picture- Unloading from another refreshing session here in the tropical paradise of Massachusettes.