Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Block Island Weekend Highlights

Windsurfing- Josh, "I'd forgotton how much fun windsurfing in light winds can be!" We couldn't get him off the water. On Monday we got some planing wind a little before we had to leave for the ferry. Josh, Bob, and I got on it for a few hours at the Coast Guard station.

We gave Josh's girlfriend, Cricket, an intro to windsurfing. She did pretty well but seemed to come away with the feeling that the sport is really hard. It's too bad that we don't have a good teaching board like the Starboard Start.

Other highlights from a mostly warm, sunny, light wind 3 days-
catching a seahorse while snorkeling with Josh and Cricket, pulling Ben behind the boat on the Carve 123, first time breaking out my new trainer kite, a beautiful hike on the clayhead trail in "The Maze" with Ben and Barbara, pitching to Ben for a couple of hours each day and watching his hits sail over my head.