Sunday, July 27, 2008

WEST DENNIS, windsurfed, 16-26, SSW, S, NW, 6.2/Acid 94

West Dennis provided a few hours of decent sailing before thunder heads rolled through and chased everyone into their vehicles. I waited in the truck for close to an hour, reading Windsport Mag. Then, about 30 minutes after I had seen the last lightning, I was back out in NW on the pond side for a few blasting flatwater runs until more lightening appeared. It was tooo close for comfort! I was off the water in about 10 seconds.

SSW & S are definitely my favorite wind directions here! I love the breaking chop in front of the Lighthouse Inn and on the far side.

Picture- Thunderstorms chased everyone off the water.


George Markopoulos said...

Just came across you blog. Very nice.

scooper said...

Thanks! You've got a nice blog going yourself. How are your loops doing?