Thursday, July 3, 2008

Horseneck & Fogland, Skunk & skunk

Barbara came home from work early today to jump start her R & R for the 3 day weekend. That allowed me to get out in the afternoon and chase some weekday wind. She even called me, as she was leaving the office, to let me know that she was on her way home and to suggest that I get myself ready to go. I have a very thoughtful and beautiful wife!

1 day, 2 skunks- I may be setting a new world record for skunks.

Horseneck, good waves, bad wind

Skunk # 1- The truck was blowing around on the highway on the way to Horseneck, but the last flag before the beach wasn't stiff, a bad sign. The wind died just before I pulled in. Gerry, Jeff & Ron said they had solid wind and head high waves for most of the afternoon. I went out on a 6.2 for about 1/2 hour and did nothing, then packed up.

Skunk # 2- The wind was still blowing into the low 30's almost everywhere else in New England. So I drove to Fogland and caught the tail end of it. I got a few planing runs, even some chop hops, before the wind dropped like a lead downhaul. It quickly became too light for non-planing freestyle.

Canceling windsurfing- As I was leaving Fogland, I had a vision of myself emptying the truck of windsurfing gear and throwing it all off a cliff somewhere. That would almost guarantee, for everyone else, that strong, predictable wind would return to New England.


Jean said...

So they allow windsurfing at Horseneck in the summer? Which lot do you park in? What about kiting? It's amazing you could find no wind - it blew hard from 10AM to sundown on the Cape. I guess that's the risk of Horseneck, you try to go for better waves, and sometimes the wind craps out and you flog yourself for not having gone to the Cape - it's happened to me before.

scooper said...

We launched from Gooseberry Point. You can always park there and sail out to Horseneck. On a really nice day you might have to wait a little while for a parking space to open up but it has a pretty high turn over rate beacuse people don't swim there. The other option is to park just before the causeway that goes to Gooseberry, walk down that little road and launch next to the trailor park. I think that's where the surfers and kiters usually launch. I saw 2 kiters there on Thursday, but the wind got too light even for them.

Yeah, I know Horseneck can be a problem in the summer, just like Deep Hole. I don't even go to those spots on a typical 15to 20 SW thermal day. It's hard to get waves this time of year. It's hard to get wind too.

Jean said...

Where the kiters launch, are they upwind or downwind of Gooseberry point?

scooper said...

I didn't see where they launched from. One run from Gooseberry, in SW, takes us into the waves near the R.V. park. That's where they were kiting, near the surfing beach, so I assumed that they launched there. I've neve seen kiters launch from Gooseberry. Now that I think about it, Gooseberry might not be user friendly for launching a kite, balancing on rocks, causeway downwind etc. But launching at the surfing beach is probably kite friendly. Parking is free, unrestricted year round, but can get full.

Jean said...

Are you free this evening or tomorrow evening - should be good! I'm not unfortunately

scooper said...

I got lucky this time. I love these long days!