Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DUXBURY, windsurfed, 13-25, WSW, Carve 123/ 6.8 antique race sail

Wind in my face- I love that feeling! It's been hard to come by in the last few months.

What the? I had the strange sensation of leaving my house when it was windy, driving to the beach and finding, that it was still windy! The water wasn't glassy. There were even little white caps. Ed was packing up when I arrived, as usual, but this time he said, as he drove away, "you're gonna have a good time, the wind's picking up!" And he was right!

Twilight session- It was 7:00 when I arrived at the beach. I thought I probably had until 8:45 before it would be too dark to see what's what. I forgot to look at my watch at first, and then it was too dark to read it. So I kept sailing. Finally, the wind seemed to bump up a hair and I could imagine that I might be close to being overpowered. It made me a little nervous that I couldn't see what was coming up, gusts for instance, or chop, or water. It was 9:10 when I stopped sailing and pushed that little light on my watch. I had squeezed in some stolen moments all right. Hopefully this heralds an end to my skunkfest.

Top photo- just 2 of us sailing late at Duxbury.
Bottom Photo- plenty of light for derigging.


Jean said...

Skunk run is over! I stole away to west dennis today and scored a powered sesh in 20-25 on my new 9 meter kite.

scooper said...

I'm glad you got a good session in! Sunday could be nice too.

If you know of anyone selling a trainer kite cheap, let me know. I'm tired of seeing kiters blast by me in typical 12-18 mph summer wind.

Jean said...

Thinking of going to the dark side, huh? go to http://neka.us/mb/ and poke around. Kiting is a blast - thought I still LOVE a good windsurfing sesh...