Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another warm & windless weekend?

Who would have thought that the problem, in January, would be a lack of wind, for 2 weekends in a row. It makes me sick. Literally. Last weekend was the first time in months that I didn't get out for some fun, and I came down with a cold, for the first time in months. There has got to be a connection there. No outdoor sports = clogged brain = more viruses. I think that's why we get flu and colds in the winter and not the summer. We don't sail enough in the winter. The next time your spouse complains about, "*^!* windsurfing again?", you can explain that you don't do it for enjoyment. You do it to keep from getting sick. It benefits the whole family.

My favorite pic from 2007, Josh in Bonaire. We windsurfed every day we were there and nobody got sick.


Jeff said...

Wow, great picture, nice colors! A total contrast to the grey day we had yesterday here on Long Island, complete with fog, thunderstorms and fluky wind (not to mention drysuits, hoods and gloves).

As for the cold, have you heard of tasty-sounding Nasal Irrigation? A weak alternative to windsurfing, but it reportedly helps with congestion and overall health ( which = more windsurfing days!).

scooper said...

Jeff- Thanks for your nice comment. I'm considering the nasal irrigation. It sounds like what happens sometimes when I'm windsurfing. Especially on days when I'm working on loops, I crash every way possible, giving my sinuses a good rinsing with saltwater. I never thought of those dousings as being a boost to my health. Maybe windsurfing really does keep viruses away! You can bet that I'll consider that the next time saltwater is dripping out of my head while I'm driving home from a session.

Jean Dunoyer said...

Aaaahh! Salt water dripping out of your head... What a sweet feeling. Time to get back onto the slopes, Steve. Had a sweet powder sesh at Shawnee Peak yesterday, lift ticket was $22!

PeconicPuffin said...

Consider getting back in the water and practicing light wind tricks. So what if it's cold...that's why god created drysuits. Nasal irrigation? Oy.

Tomorrow it's going to be about 20 degrees, but windy. I'm dragging Jeff out onto the water. Now I have a new angle to use on him: "Hey Jeff, let's get some water up your nose!"

scooper said...

I have a harder time getting fired up for the light wind freestyle stuff in the winter. I guess all the extra work of duct taping my booties to my drysuit, bringing hot water to revive numb hands, etc., tips the scales in favor of waiting for an exciting day. I want a few thrills to justify all that effort.

You're probably right though. I might enjoy an occasional light wind winter day. A light wind day can still clear my head and make me glad to be alive.

PeconicPuffin said...

Winter presents that "cold" doubt. I think a way to compensate is to go with a much shorter session. If the only day I get in a week is 30 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday for some lightwind freestyle, I think that counts as a session in the winter!

Remember to have fun.

-Michael (psyching myself up for sailing in 25 degrees tomorrow!)