Saturday, April 28, 2007

Duxbury, Windsurfed, S,SE, 10-15, 15-20, Josh,Kyle, Mostly big sails & boards

Light Wind Day; 55 temp, the forecast was for very light winds but it got up to 15 to 20 for a while. Josh had lots of planing time. I spent time teaching Kyle. He land-boarded first, which he picked up in about 15 minutes even on the rocky slanted beach, then the wind picked up, and he had a harder time of it on the water. He got one good run at the end but he was getting pretty tired. After Josh and Kyle stopped, I kept sailing but the winds were lighter then, good for practicing heli-tacks.
Erosion; There was some serious erosion to the parking lot from the big sou’easter 2 weeks ago. The waves took a bite out of the grassy area. We were there at dead low, (1 foot above 0 low according to the chart), and the water was surprisingly deep- overhead in the channel and waist deep elsewhere. I wonder if that whole area is getting deeper.