Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fogland, Land-boarded, SW, 12-14, Josh, 5.2/Land-board

First Time Land-Boarding; Temp in the mid to upper 50’s, sunny. We were there from 5 pm to 8:30 pm, derigged in the headlights. Josh was windsurfing on the 6.8/ big board doing great. He was planing occasionally. It was Josh’s first day of the season. He didn’t seem rusty at all, making his tacks and gibes. I took pictures and land-boarded. Fogland is not very good for land-boarding. It’s too slanted, not very wide, too rocky, but the board worked great in spite of it. I was cruising across the rocks and pebbles in the gusts! The pneumatic tires are great. We even used it on the edge of the road for a few minutes. Fun, but we need body armor! Actually I didn’t fall at all with it except for during attempts at tacking and gibing, mostly after stalling it.
Picture; Josh Land-Boarding at Fogland