Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pleasure Bay Windsurfed E 12-18 Solo 6.8/Carve 123

Night sailing; I sailed from 5:30 to a little after 7:30. It was pretty dark with a light drizzle by 7:30. I wanted to test Oliver’s claim that the lights from Boston and from streetlights ringing pleasure Bay make it possible to sail at night. It’s true. It was fun, even in the dying winds, to sail across the black water with the reflections of the silver lights flickering across the surface. I derigged under a streetlight. This is the perfect place for late day/ evening sailing.
Weather & sailing; Air temp mid-forties. The wind was more steady than I expected but it was mostly a little on the light side, dropping off more by the end. I planed about half the time in the beginning.
Palm Harness; I tried the palm harnesses in the light winds at the end. They were much easier to use then I expected. I’m just not sure how much forearm fatigue they will relieve.