Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ninigret, Windsurfed, WSW, 5-25, 2 others, 5.2/Acid 94

Busted on the Way to the beach; Hey, this was a first. I was stopped by a state police on the way to Ninigret, not for speeding, but because my license plate was covered with snow from a big storm we had on Friday! I’m glad I wasn’t arrested.
Weather & Sailing; 40 degree air temp according to the truck thermometer. The National Weather Service had the temp at 36 to 38. I was switching off between mittens and gloves. My hands got cold a few times but it worked out pretty well. Otherwise I dressed the same as last weekend. My body temp was fine! The wind was very up and down. I only planed about half of the time. One of the other guys there was pulling forward loops off of the flat water!