Saturday, December 2, 2006

Chappy, Windsurfed, WNW 10-35, others, 6.2,5.2,4.2, RWind85

Great day! Temp was between 48-50, sunny, water temp 50. I used my palmless mittens and a poly layer under my drysuit fleece, bootie liners. It was just right. I started on the 6.2 for a little, and then swapped off between 5.2 and 4.2 for the rest of the day, mostly on the RealWind85. I sailed from 10-4, sunset was at 4:15. The wind had a spread between gusts/lulls of about 10 to 12 mph for most of the day but at times it was probably 20 mph difference, shifty direction too. It was challenging but I found that switching sails/boards when the wind changed helped me sail all day. I also took Advil at 7:30, 11:30, 2:30. I got some cramping in my arms in the afternoon but I stopped, ate, took Advil, and it never progressed to Charlie horse. I took lots of rests, often after just 1 run. Very challenging sailing- waves (often with lighter wind in the break), very confused chop on the outside with pretty strong gusty winds. I can’t believe I lasted all day in those conditions. I met Jeff from Boston who seems to be at a similar sailing level. We were comparing notes on our jumps. We both had some good ones. He said he sails at Pleasure Bay in Boston sometimes- it’s good on SW or any East, not very good on W or NW. He also said he has sailed there at night due to streetlights and light from Boston, moonlight can help too. I was surprised that for most of the day others were sailing bigger sails. Sometimes much bigger and they didn’t seem overpowered. I would be flying along with the 4.2 and Jeff was on his 5.5. He switched to a 4.7 for 1 run but he couldn’t plane and had to walk it upwind. All that time I was out there fully powered sailing right past him. He only weighs about 20 pounds more than me. Gary showed up, rigged a 4.6 and slogged and complained. I was blasting by him on my 4.2. Maybe I was just lucky, hitting the gusts and resting during the lulls? Maybe my seat harness, as opposed to waist harness, lets me weight the rig differently? That could be good and bad. Also, Jeff wasn’t resting as much as me and didn’t seem as tired. Can't figure it out.
Picture; Chappy with strong gusty winds, 12/2/06