Thursday, November 30, 2006

Duxbury, Windsurfed, WSW 12-25, 20-35, solo, 6.2,4.2/Acid 94

Warm, high temp of 64 F, no need for gloves. I had to take my fleece off because I was too hot in my drysuit. I got my first planing duck jibes! The steps that seemed to help me to think about were, 1- move my rear hand back on the boom, 2- lean my hips to the inside to carve, 3-lean the sail to downwind and oversheet like a regular jibe, 4- duck it before reaching half way in the turn- pretty early- but keep carving. It was a surprising feeling to stay up on plane through it. It felt great! It was easier on the 4.2 but I started getting them on the 6.2 first. Duxbury exploration, I sailed up wind of the launch to explore. It was about 1 ½ to 2 hours before low tide. I could sail for a very long way right behind the ocean beach. There is a channel behind the ocean beach with an occasional sandbar or gravel bar upwind of the channel. Way up wind there was 1 sandbar exposed but there were others that I had to walk across when I tried to cut out into the bay. I did see 1 rock that was just below the surface of the water making me realize that it is a little risky up there near low tide. When I headed back I discovered that the water right in front of the launch is deeper than almost anywhere else I had been, except for the channel behind the beach. At dead low I was hitting the fin a little when I went upwind out in the bay but when I sailed right in front of the launch I was fine. The deepest water at dead low, in the main channel, was waist deep. Dead low is nice there, right at the launch!