Sunday, December 10, 2006

Georges/PtJudith, Windsurfed, W 20-35, others, 4.2,3.5, RWind85

Weather; Temp was between 47-49, sunny, water temp 47. I used my glacier gloves, (palmless mittens weren’t quiet warm enough), and a poly layer under my drysuit fleece, bootie liners, helmet liner. The gloves, my new large ones, worked great.
Another great day in December; I stopped at Deep Hole first, at 11:30, but no one was there. Everyone was at Georges- 4 or 5 windsurfers and 4 or 5 kiters, although most packed up early. I sailed from 12:30 to 4:00 at Georges. For the last 1 ½ to 2 hours I sailed with no rests with one other guy just inside of the opening in the breakwater. There was a big swell coming in and the wind seemed strongest there. Sometimes the swell would rise up and crest. What a great place to sail in really strong winds! There is swell, chop, dead flat water inside the little breakwater at the launch, and small breaking waves with sideshore wind if you sail downwind on the beach- really nice in a west wind although a little gusty, very different at different tides. My hands got a tiny bit numb during that last long session, no warm up rests, and my feet got quiet numb. It took about an hour for my left foot to warm up afterward. At least it didn’t hurt when it warmed up. I should find a better system for keeping my feet warm, maybe really tall liners that I could put inside my drysuit leg. Once my feet get cold they don’t warm up quickly like my hands do so it can be a problem for the rest of the day. Just downwind from Georges Restaurant is a launch I’ve never tried- Roger Wheeler State Park, still inside the rocks. I should try it sometime. I’ve heard it’s also O.K. in a NW. I tried a few runs on the Acid 94/4.2. It was a rough ride in the chop sections and it made it feel like the wind had just increased by about half a sail size. The RWind85 planed up slower than a bigger board and dropped off of plane quicker but it handled the rough water better. Most guys were on bigger sails again. A couple of guys were on 5.0 when I was still on the 3.5. I wonder if I should be on a 75 liter board with a bigger sail on these big days.
NOTE; try Deep Hole in a west wind! It looked like the waves wrap around for down the line sailing on the inside but face more westerly on the outside so it isn’t constant jumps on the outside. Mitch said the wind is clean enough.