Saturday, September 26, 2015

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

We can't decide. Downwinder or no downwinder.

Brad launches at the Chatham Light and reports that it's a solid 10 meter wind. Downwinder! He packs up his gear.

We drive to the start, Nauset Beach. There's barely enough wind for a 12 meter kite. We all pump and take some test runs. Brad says no downwinder. Jeff and I have bigger kites and we're both light weights. We decide to give a try. Brad drives the truck back. Thanks Brad.

The first half of the journey has very light wind. I keep thinking we are going to have to walk out. Then it starts to pick up and gets stronger the closer we get to Chatham.  The waves are fun on the mid tide! Constantly changing as we move along. My favorite spot is at the mouth of the new cut. Nice waves, sandbars, slicks all in 1 package.

When we get to the Light, Brad is there ripping up the waves. I wish you could have joined us Buddy! At least you had a lot of practice with that nice new kite pump. Thanks to Jeff for getting this going!

Downwinder, 9 Miles, Nauset Beach to Chatham Lighthouse, NE, NNE, 10-26, With Jeff, Brad.