Monday, September 7, 2015

Peddle, Paddle, Kite

I biked 24 miles on Sat, paddled down the Essex river to Cranes Beach on Sunday, kited to South Monomoy Lighthouse today. This is how a weekend should be! I'm going to sleep for 4 days now. Wake me up next weekend.

Essex River SUP- The launch from Allyn Cox Res was free, scenic, but we had to wade through deep mud at low tide. Lots of boats on the river, on plane, lots of wakes. Al gave us a ride back at the end of the day in his boat. Thanks! Paddling took 3 hours to Cranes including a detour into marsh, fighting tide, side wind. With Barbara.

Monomoy Sightseeing- 7 miles kiting upwind. It only took 1 run to reach the north tip of South Monomoy in WSW. I was upwind of Minimoy after 1 hour, at Lighthouse after 2.5 hours. Wind had shifted to SW along the way. Walk to lighthouse and ocean side and back took 2 hours, eating lunch on the dunes, sightseeing.

Biked, Blackstone River Bikeway, with Barbara.
Stand Up Paddled, Allyn Cox Reservation Essex to Cranes Beach, with Barbara.
Kitesurfed, Hardings to South Monomoy Light, WSW, SW, 12-25, Rally10/Mako150, Solo.