Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lost and Found

Brad and I kite for most of the day looking for something that we lost around the Monomoy islands. Our common sense.

We had hatched a plan to explore South Monomoy Island further upwind than either of us has been before but the wind is too light. Rather than acknowledge that reality we limp upwind for hours, making progress only in the gusts.

Gourmet Picnic on South Beach

After making it up to the beginning of South Monomy, Brad finally comes to his senses, says "see ya",  and makes a beeline for the 4 miles back to Hardings Beach. That's when the wind picks up. Yeah, the joke is on us. But I can't be too upset. It's still a beautiful day on the water.

I kite up to Minimoy Island and stop to gaze upwind. From here, I can barely make out the Monomoy lighthouse and the far upwind end of South Monomoy. Damn that's far. A little voice in my head whispers that the kiting there won't be any better there than it is here. I don't listen to whispery little voices. A big voice says that I'll be back when the wind is better. Whatever I'm looking for, it might be up there.

Kitesurfed, Hardings to Minimoy, WSW, SW, 10-20, 12M Rally/Mako150, with Brad.


Bradford Cranston said...

My girlfriend got a good kick out of this photo of me eating soup with my helmet on and its Velcro visor and its strap cinched tight.

scooper said...

Hey it's a very cool look! you're a trend setter.