Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fool for Monomoy

Beautiful session today at Hardings, and last Sunday wasn't bad, and the week before that, and before that. 5 Weeks in a row with a session at Hardings! Life is good.

Of course I haven't actually kited at Harding's much. I've been around North Monomy twice, up to shark hole on South Monomoy, out to the old cut and back, outside the new cut a few times, in Stage Harbor and down the channel to walk up behind the parking lot.

There is no better place than Monomy for a fool that loves to explore and doesn't mind testing the fickle nature of the wind. It's just a matter of time until the wind shuts down when I'm a few miles out and tests me back. But until then the kiting here is stunningly beautiful and life is good. And lets not even talk about sharks.

Johnny H defying gravity in Stage Harbor