Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Only Stupid if You Die

The Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year. It's always windy on the shortest day of the year. It's compensation for being such a dark miserable day.

This particular Winter Solstice is also warm, with hazy sunshine. A perfect day for kiting deep into the First Encounter marsh. I love the Winter solstice.

I'm having fun popping little jumps over a corner of the marsh grass and landing on the other side. This is great. It makes me feel like I know a little about jumping. Then I see Brad doing it. Brad knows jumping.

Chris L and I watch as Brad comes in fast, jumps an island, maybe 50 to 100 feet wide, and lands in a tiny channel on the other side. A perfect 10 of a jump. Then he disappears downwind winding thru the long channel that goes nowhere. Who was that masked man?

Later Brad says that his island jump was probably a stupid move. It was a bigger hunk of real estate than he thought. Well it's only stupid if you die. Then we have to dig a shallow grave and bury your body at the place of impact with a marker that says Stupid Kiter.

If you live, you're a hero and all the other gunslingers will come from all over the country to test themselves against you.

Certainly all the local quickdraws are going to want to prove that they can do it. Mostly to keep Brad from getting a big head. The marsh may soon be littered with dead bodies.

But don't look at me. I'll stick with my cautious little jumps around the edges. I may be stupid but I'm not crazy.

First Encounter, Kitesurfed, SW, SSW, 15-30, 12M Rally/Mako150 and skimboard, with Brad, Chris L, John L, Walter, Jeff, Peter, Alex. Temp 52F.


Dunoyer said...

I hit the same slick the following day with the 5.5 meter, it was nuking! DId some short jumps to get into that same creek, so fun!

Dunoyer said...

In an astronomical high tide, the entire marsh floods, that is amazing!

scooper said...

Hey, sounds like you were in the exact same spot. Funny coincidence. Once word gets out, guys will be coming up here from OBX to ride that spot.