Saturday, December 28, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Horseneck

I love the Horseneck foam. It's delicious. After a good set of waves goes through, the water is covered with a fluffy blanket of white. It's like kiting in a huge beer mug with a good head of hops. I like to crash so I can get a mouthful.

I had some swigs today. Oh yeah, I was feeling pretty good. No worries, no cares. The only thing on my mind was wind, waves, and where that next slug of happy juice was going to come from.

But I'll pay for it tomorrow.

Do I need to go to Horseneckaholics Anonymous?

Horseneck Beach, Kitesurfed, SSW, 16-28, 10M Rally/Mako150, with Walter, Brad, Alex, Peter, Jay, Bill, Dylan, Others.