Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kiting for Pie

I heard rumors of pie at Horseneck Beach. Apple pie. But that's not why I came. I came for the waves. I came to be part of the spectacle of kiters bobbing over the mounds of whipped cream foam. I came for the lions roar of the charging water. The wisps of spin-drift, salt, sand, seaweed.

And apple pie. It's a sign of the season. Rake leaves, ride Horseneck waves, eat apple pie.

Dylan and Ellen hosted the apres kite. Jean provided the pie. It was a perfect punctuation to a satisfying day of kites, friends, laughs and crashing into the lips of waves that I misjudged. Thanks for fattening me up. Oh yeah, the sky was pretty nice for taking photos too.

Horseneck, Kitesurfed, SW, 13-23, 10M Rally/Mako 150 & 6' surfboard, with Jean, Johnny H, Dylan, Kitermike, Skyrocket, Alex, Flo, Philip, Tim, ChLemaire, Nick, JayTheJoker, Other Jay, John, Chucky, Others.

Click on pics for full size.

Pic 1- unknown rider
Pic 2- Jean
Pic 3- Skyrocket
Pic 4- John
Pic 5- unknown rider


Dunoyer said...

Gretchen will be thrilled to have her pie appear on your blog, this after having her mac and cheese appear on David Venable of QVC's Facebook page.

scooper said...

Gretchen's pie was exquisite! I think she could go pro- Gretchen's Homemade Pie Co. Kiters would buy all her pies for apres kite parties.

Christophe said...

Great eye and superb photography Steve!
Did you use a filter or digital processing on some of the shots?

scooper said...

Christophe- Thanks, I'm glad you like the shots. No filter. I do shoot in raw so I can adjust photos digitally without loss of detail. All photos are processed in Lightroom and/or Photoshop. It was good to kite with you.

Johnny D said...

Love it

scooper said...

Johnny- Thanks. Hope to see you next time.