Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bright Lights, Big City

Boston- We aren't going to get many more days like this in 2013, hot, humid, windy! There's a big collection of kites and riders at P Bay. Josh and I are taking turns on the 14M kite, really powered up, as the sun goes down. We aren't going to let a little inconvenience like nightfall ruin our fun.

Kiting  in near darkness can be beautiful, a hazy half moon hanging in the sky, City lights casting shimmering trails on the water's black mirror surface. Glowing jellyfish weave dots of greenish light in my boards wake. So nice. We go until some lightening in the distance rudely interrupts the reverie.

Josh's first time- at P Bay, kiting in such tight crowds, kiting so powered up on the 14M, kiting in dimness. It takes him awhile to get comfortable with the P Bay dance, but he gets it. Then he doesn't want to stop. Sounds familiar.

Pleasure Bay, Kitesurfed, SSW, S, 18-28, 14M Rally/Flx 138, with Josh and lotsa friends.

Top Pic- P Bay scene.
Bottom Pic- Josh in twilight.


Dunoyer said...

I had always wanted to kite Pee Bay in the dark. I will make sure to look glowing jellies next time.

scooper said...

Jean- yeah, the glowing jellyfish were a nice surprise. I'd like to put a light or glowstick on the board so I could find it if I drop it out there.