Friday, May 3, 2013

On the Eighth Day of Hatteras

Another oceanside downwwinder. Today the conditions aren't so easy. Side on wind, big shorebreak, waves breaking out as far as you can see, gusty, fully depowered on my 8M kite. I'm glad to have Denn's company on this one. I'm on the edge of my comfort zone.

The waves are lumbering trolls. Some are friendly. Some are not. I ride way out, getting lost in the deep valleys of the troughs. There's really no place they aren't breaking. I'm not taking my eyes off of them for  a second.

I'm cautious for the first mile or so. I don't drop into anything. Then, I look for smaller ones to ride. Finally I start to loosen up and ride some waves. Oh yeah! Scary fun.

It seems like I'm just starting to get into the zone when we're at the endpoint. Frank walks over the dunes at Kite Point just in time to help us pack up and give us a ride back. Thanks!

Later, Denn says that he thinks the wave height on the outside was 20'. I can't tell if he's joking. He must be. I do know that I had to pay attention to the angle of my kite when I was down in the troughs. It felt like I could easily loose my wind or snag a line in a lip if I let the kite get too low. I've never felt that before.

Tired muscles! It's not a question of which muscles are tired. They all are. It's just a matter of degrees.

Hatt Downwider, Kitesurfed, NE 15-35, 8M RPM/Mako150, with Denn

Picture- Frank sets the water on fire.


Dunoyer said...

Dude you nailed the conditions

scooper said...

Who ever heard of 8 days in a row of NE wind in Hatteras?! It sure made some lumps. I hope you get sweet riding during your week too.