Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waves or Slicks

Some kiters live for kiting in waves.  Some kiters hate waves but love kiting in flat water more than they love life itself. Me? I can't decide. I'm an undecided voter for waves vs slicks.

Some days I vote waves. Some days I vote slicks. Today I voted both. I don't even know if that's legal.

Waves- I play in a variety of little waves on the outside of the Sand Spit during the incoming tide. The best time is just before high tide. There are a few spots where the small waves are spaced far apart and the water gets all smoothed out in between. It's almost like slicks with ramps. I just wish the waves were bigger.

This was all covered with water at high tide
Slicks- At high tide I go inside the Sand Spit, into the rivers and marsh. The full moon tide has completely covered the marsh. I kite upwind as far as the boardwalk, which is covered over. I can't believe I'm kiting over so much real estate. At 2 hours after high tide the marsh is all land again. At 3 to 4 hours after high tide the wind is getting a little dirty in the river from coming across the beach.

Waves- I've gotta ride upwind to get back out to the waves. With 3 rivers and a few miles of salt marsh all emptying into the ocean, the current here makes itself known. It can hit 7 knots. It sucks me upwind like a bug to a bug zapper. I know if I drop my board in the channel I'm probably never going to see it again. I'm much more cautious in the waves with the outgoing tide, especially since my kiting company, 3 local kiters, is gone. Time to head in and load my gear onto my bike for the ride back to my truck. Ahh, nice day.

O.K. I still can't decide. Waves? Slicks? I guess I need to study them both some more so I can make an informed, educated choice. It's hard being a responsible voter.

Sand Spit, Kitesurfed, ENE, 15-30, 10M Rally/ Mako 150, with Skip, Eric, John.

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